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Installation of Plywood



The installation of the plywood is critical to the quality of a Gacodeck!

All panel edges should be supported on two inch lumber blocking or primary framing to insure no unsupported edges. NOTE: Tongue and Groove edging in panels less than 1 1/8 inch thick does not replace blocking.


Plywood panels should be placed in moderate contact without forcing panels together (maximum of 1/16 inch spacing), taking special care not to damage the edges.


Plywood should be continuous across two or more spans with face grain across supports and long dimension perpendicular to supports. Joints should be level and smooth.


The thickness of the plywood and spans should meet the following minimums except where local building codes require greater thickness: 3/4 inch thickness for supports up to 24 inches on center (1/2 inch can be used over solid substrates but must be installed with no joints coinciding with joints in the substrate).


The deck should be sloped a minimum of 1/4 inch to the foot (approximately 2%) and constructed to drain freely into a drain or gutter. The lack of proper slope leads to possible leaks at low thresholds, standing puddles and surface staining.


Plywood should be glued and screwed with a heavy-duty exterior deck type screw at 6 inches on center at the edges and 8 to 12 inches on center in the field.


Plywood needs to be protected from the elements until it is coated. It is not acceptable to leave the plywood exposed to the rain or sun. Keep plywood from being contaminated by foreign material. 



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