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We are delighted you have chosen to visit our website. It is designed to assist you in learning all about Gustafsson Distributing, LLC, "The Waterproof Coating Experts" sm.




The "Waterproof Coating Experts" sm at Gustafsson Distributing, LLC (Est. 1948) exclusively specialize in supplying tough, seamless, slip-resistant and attractive waterproof surfaces which are applied to plywood or concrete decks. They create  valuable and usable dry space under the decks on which they are installed. These systems are extremely well suited for use by the occasional deck installer or one-time do-it-yourselfer.


Gustafsson Distributing's premier acrylic system is the A-38 deck coating system.  Using a combination of an extremely tough and flexible acrylic coating and premium "walnut" granules,  A-38 decks stand up to normal foot and patio furniture wear and tear for years. We have installed systems that have been in service for over 15 years without recoat. When it is time to re-topcoat (usually recommended every 5 to 7 years), the A-38 system is very simple to recoat.

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