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Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)




PLEASE NOTE: These frequently answered questions are general guidelines. Our work is dependant on temperature and weather, so there are many factors involved and many outcomes possible. Please remember that these answers are not set in stone, if you happen to have any specific questions pertaining to application please email us at


How is it applied?
Gacodeck is a liquid product which is roller applied on to the deck surface.


How long does the application take to cure?
Normally 12 to 24 hours. Curing time varies with the temperature and other climate conditions.


Can it be applied in the rain?
Yes, if the area to be coated is sufficiently tarped or covered to keep the deck completely dry. Click here for an example of a tarped project.


What temperatures are suitable for application?
Acrylic Gacodeck should not be applied below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above 80 degrees Fahrenheit, as a general guideline. Also do not apply id rain is expected.


How do you install posts?
Click here for an examples of  4" x 4" posts.


Can I do it myself?
Yes, we can supply you with A-38 acrylic coating and instructions for the do-it-yourself project. We have sold many hundreds of these packages through out the US and Canada.


How long to install a normal job?
Usually an application takes 3 to 4 days to finish.


How long does a typical Gacodeck last?
We recommend that acrylic decks have a new top-coat every 5 to 7 years although there have been acrylic decks that have gone 15 years or more without re-coat.



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