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DECKIT is a tough, waterproof, seamless, slip resistant synthetic rubber coating system designed to be applied directly over exterior plywood or concrete decks to provide an attractive, elastic covering for surfaces that are both floors and roofs.  The coating does not soften under heat or embrittle with cold and expands or contracts with the substrate. It even accommodates pre-existing cracks. For colors click here.


The DECKIT system offers quality waterproofing protection using a water-borne acrylic coating which is easily applied by brush and roller.  In addition to nonflammability of the liquid coating and easy water clean-up.  DECKIT acrylic latex coating is the best moderately priced protection available for decks.  Properly applied and maintained DECKIT will waterproof and protect your deck for years.  It is equally suitable for inside or outside decks which have positive drainage without puddles or ponds of water.  For application instructions click here.



KIT 100 


(for 100 square feet)



3 1/2 gallons DECKIT coating

1 1/2 pounds DECKIT granule

1 roll polyester tape (4" X 120')

1 short nap roller cover

1 - 3" paint brush

"Do-It-Yourself" VHS video


The following additional items may be required for installation:


Knife or scissors for cutting tape.

Rags for clean up.

Masking tape.

9" roller frame.

Stirring paddle.

Acrylic caulk. 


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